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If you are coming to our church to worship for the first time expect a group of friendly people who will introduce themselves.

As you face the church after walking up the steps from the parking lot the entrance to the sanctuary is to the left.  There are glass double doors that will talk you to the narthex or vestibule (just fancy church words for the reception area).

Next, then continue to your left through the wooden double doors and you will entry our beautiful sanctuary.  Regardless that people tend to sit in the same places every week, there is no assigned seating.  If you sit where someone else usually sits they will just find another spot.

There is also a smaller parking lot on the opposite side of the church that is for those will mobility issues. There is a set of glass double doors there as well.  However, if you come in this set of doors the sanctuary will be on the right.


You should be handed a bulletin as you walk in the sanctuary.  If for some reason you do not receive one, please check with one of the elders.  They will be happy to give you a bulletin. At the front of the bulletin, starting at the top, will be a list of the members who will help during the worship.  The next list are members who hold offices in the congregation.  

In the middle of the bulletin , and it makes up the bulk of the bulletin, will be the order of worship.

In the back of the bulletin is a list of activities and interests that are coming up and also a prayer list of people and events we are praying for.


As stated on our website's front page we use a blended liturgical stile of worship.  That means we follow a prescribed order of worship.  If you received a bulletin when you walked in, the order of worship is in the bulletin.  The hymns we will sing that Sunday will also be in there.r

Our church is blessed to have a beautiful pipe organ which is played every Sunday by our organist Siri Richter.  The organ is quite a work of art and we are very humbled to have someone to play it for us.

We celebrate Holy Communion every Sunday which some may refer to as the Lord's Supper.  Our understanding of the Lord's Supper is it is a gift of Christ given to those who He has called as His own.  It is a gift that He instructs his family to use with care.  It is for baptized Christians who confess their sins, seek Christ's forgiveness in the true body and true blood of Christ they receive with the bread and the wine.  If you share this oneness of faith, please commune with us.  If you have any questions, please speak to our pastor.  Non-alcoholic wine is available in the center of each tray for those people with special needs.

There is a children's nursery adjacent to the sanctuary where you can take a small child if diaper changes or other activities are needed to be performed.  There is a curtain that can be pulled back that allows you to continue watching the service as you help your infant or toddler and a speaker in the room so you can hear what is being said.

 Our service starts  at 10:45 and runs about 1 hour and 15 to 20 minutes.

During the fall, winter, and springs months the choir performs selected hymns and praise songs.  The choir is seating upstairs in the choir loft where the organist plays the organ.


Most of our activities outside of worship occur in the fellowship hall.   As you exit the sanctuary wooden double doors there are another set of double doors ahead and slightly to the left.  These doors lead to a hallway.  Halfway down the hallway on the left is the Fellowship Hall.  This is where we hold Adult Bible Study on Sunday mornings at 9:30.  If you have children, we also hold Sunday School classes.  These are located at the end of the same hallway on the right and left sides.  If you ask someone, they will direct to the appropriate age class or find someone who can.


There are two sets of restrooms.   The main ones are located in the hallway just mentioned on the right hand side just after you walk through the doors.  The other set of restrooms are down in the children's Sunday School area on the right hand side just after you leave the hallway.


The church office is located in the main hallway, again, halfway down on the right side, across from the fellowship hall.  You will find the church secretary, Donna Marshall, and the Pastor's office, Pastor Marshall, here.  They will be glad to help you will anything you need.